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Submitting Listings:  Guidelines

This list provides company guidelines for submitting your listings on to Business Net Pages directory.

DO NOT submit your website if:

  • Your website is under construction or not working properly. Ensure that all links and pages work accordingly.
  • Your website redirects visitors to other websites.
  • Your website is not Canadian/American and/or does not have an accessible English, French version
  • Your website will interfere with the display of main content on the site
  • Your website has been created specifically for search engines or any other such programs
  • Your website is identical and has the same content as another website owned by you, but different URL already submitted to our directory.

Websites relating to the following will NOT be submitted:

  • Adult websites containing obviously sexual images or links to other specific adult sites.
  • Websites advertising, selling or supplying sex-orientated medicines, products or advertisements only.
  • Websites containing any child pornography or materials violating international copyright.
  • Websites consisting of any propaganda of fraud.
  • Websites supplying pirated software or links to other websites that supply / sell it or any other illegal products or services.
  • Websites consisting of any online gambling games.
  • Websites containing a large number of affiliate links.
  • Websites created only for displaying Adsense or similar advertisements.
  • Websites designed using uncomfortable visual designs and colour.

*We have the right to edit any submission that we receive in order for them to apply with the guidelines set above. Automatic and manual checks are conducted monthly. Should a submission be found not suitable, it will be removed without prior notification.